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Let's face it - gathering consumer research can be costly and time-consuming, especially if you don't have a dedicated team who can manage the process for you. I offer marketers an affordable and efficient solution, drawing upon my 20+ years of experience leading consumer insights teams across the CPG and restaurant sectors. I can teach you how to build a research toolkit to monitor your industry, analyze competitors, deep dive into your core users, and set up product feedback processes to enhance your brand's growth strategy, without requiring a full insights team.

Areas of Expertise

Product InnovationCustomer ProfilesCompetitive Analysis
Concept/Ad EvaluationAttitude & UsageMenu Board Optimization
Guest InterceptsDIY Survey PlatformsOnline Video Qual

approach for research agencies

Understanding your end user's challenges and needs is a critical component to effectively selling your product or service. I partner with research agencies by providing coaching and training to their sales/customer success teams and equip them with the skills needed to adeptly convert client-side insights teams' pain points into revenue-generating opportunities. I also help market their products through diverse channels such as informative webinars, podcasts and conference presentations, and uncover deeper client understanding through moderated 1:1 sessions and customer advisory boards.


I'm Brian Monschein, founder of Narrative Insights Consulting, and the former Head of Consumer & Product Insights at Subway Restaurants, where I was responsible for leading all areas of research while ensuring the voice of the consumer was heard loud and clear across the organization. I have over 20 years of research and brand strategy experience, where I've successfully driven product and advertising development for leading brands in the CPG and restaurant industries.I'm a New England native, and hold a BS in Marketing from the University of Connecticut. Outside of work, I like to spend time traveling to copious amounts of my kids’ sports tournaments, make a concerted effort tapping into my creative side by honing my drawing skills, or carve back roads on my motorcycle.



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